The Fluids

Check out our mixology favoritesAuto Battery Bar has everything you need to keep your fluid levels at the perfect level. Our Auto Shop theme has spilled over onto our specialty drink menu. If you are looking for a sweet, tasty new drink to add to your repertoire, order the Spark Plug (rimmed with pop-rocks) or the Auto Battery signature martini (rimmed with chocolate sprinkles). If sweet is not your cup of tea, try the Backfire or the High Beam. No matter your tastes, we are sure to have something on our signature drink menu to quench your thirst. Where else on Capitol Hill can you go in to a bar and order a Tire Iron and not be asked to leave?!?

If cocktails are not your thing we have eight draught beers and a selection of bottled beers to quench your thirst. Our beers range from the motor oil colored beers, like Deschuttes Black Butte Porter and Guiness, to the gasoline colored beers, like Pabst Blue Ribbon and Ranier tallboys.

If you are the designated driver or just prefer an unleaded form of beverage, we have a selection of beverages to tingle your tastebuds. We serve Cafe Vita coffee and have a selection of hot teas for those chilly days. If you are looking for a little sugar kick, grab a Mexican Coke or Sprite; made with real cane sugar.

We also carry Coca-Cola fountain and Thomas Kemper products, a selection of juices, and even bottled root-beer. No matter what you are looking for, we are sure to have something to quench your thirst!